Lungu to promise to appoint Inonge Wina as vice-president at Mongu rally, Luo upset



Edgar Lungu is tomorrow at a PF rally in Mongu expected to promise that he will appoint Patriotic Front chairperson Inonge Wina as his Vice president should he be elected president after the January 20th election.

But this has upset Nkandu Luo who was also promised the same position.

Meanwhile, Edgar Lungu’s media and publicity handlers have differed over money. Last week Emmanuel Mwamba is believed to have pocketed K 26, 000 meant for posters and banners according to people close to Brian Hapunda. It is also a fact that Emmanuel Mwamba and Brian Hapunda has been fighting for Lungu’s attention. They both want the position of Press Aide should Lungu win the elections though Mwamba is also looking at the ministry of information as minister. This has split the media team into two camps. There is now ‘Team Hapunda’ and ‘Team Mwamba ,’ the Watchdog has been told. ‘This is frustrating Edgar Lungu but he is very busy with his campaign and have left the two parties to resolve their differences,’ said sources in the team.

Lungu’s set move to announce Inonge Wina as vice-president is meant to dupe the people of western province into voting for him just like Michael Sata did when he declared himself leader of the Linyungandambo and promised to restore the Barotseland agreement within 90 days of being elected to power only for him to turn round and arrest Barotse activists charging them with treason.

Lungu has no message to tell the people of Western province and he can not talk about the Bartoseland issue especially that some activists are in detention over the same issue.

Chiefs and traditional affairs minister Nkandu Luo has however not taken this lightly and feels betrayed by Edgar Lungu because he also promised her the same position. Luo called for a meeting at acting Chief justice Lombe Chibesakunda’s residence last night immediately after the PF meeting.

The meeting, which started at 22:36 and went way after midnight was attended by Harry Kalaba and a high-ranking catholic archbishop among other PF leaders. Nkadu Luo made it very clear in that meeting that it will be very stupid of Bemba speaking to allow the PF to be handed over to tribes that never sacrificed for it. Justice Chibesakunda on her part warned that the Edgar Lungu team was actually playing in the Cartel trap by going to bed with Inonge Wina. According to her, Inonge is just a plant in the Edgar Lungu team. All her gymnastics before, during and after the PF conference were all just meant to fool the Lungu team, which is full of ‘dunderheads’ into believing she was against the Cartel led by her nephew Fred Namakando M’membe. Chibesakunda feels putting Inonge Wina as vice president will literally be handing over the party back to the cartel because “Edgar Lungu is just as useless as used tissue, he has no b**s” and cannot stand against anyone worse still the cartel. Lou and Chibesakunda say Lungu should understand that he is just a figure head for the real owners of PF and can not appoint anyone they do not approve.

Lungu’s campaign is beset with troubles and money seems to be the biggest issue. Acting president Guy Scott has allegedly refused to allow Lungu to abuse public resources. Lungu and team have been begging Scott to join the campaign. But Scott knows that they just want to use him and discard him after winning. Lungu’s team showed utmost disdain for Scott this week when Lungu and foreign Affairs minister Harry Kalaba travelled to Zimbabwe without informing the president. In Zimbabwe, Lungu spent most of the time gossiping about Scott and heaping all the blame relating to PF chaos on him. Normally, it is not allowed for a minister to go and minister a president of another country without the knowledge of the president. But Lungu was actually posturing and holding himself as the president of Zambia in front of Mugabe.


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