Lungu to arrest HH for treason again, assassinate Masebo

Lungu to arrest HH for treason again, assassinate Masebo


– Next elections to be ‘managed’ by the army

Impeccable State House sources have revealed to the Watchdog that Edgar Lungu has laid out a well coordinated plan to implicate UPND President Hakainde Hichilema for another capital offence of treason by planting weapons in some of the opposition leader’s farms.

The PF are increasingly concerned about Hichilema’s rising popularity among ordinary people who feel betrayed by PF’s broken promises. The plan to implicate the UPND leader is also meant to sabotage the Commonwealth led peace talks which President Lungu and the PF view as advantaging Hichilema.

The sources told Watchdog that Lungu is working on a premise to justify a non existent plot, that UPND has a militia group under the command of former MP for Chongwe Sylvia Masebo, who is UPND Chairperson for Mobilization and Strategy. It is alleged that this UPND Militia Group is headed by two retired senior Army officers, General Hakanenji and Col Lweendo respectively.

The two retired officers are allegedly working with a warrant officer Mumba of Commando Unit in Ndola and other soldiers whose number is unknown. It is further alledged that a Plan has been hatched to plant some weapons at masebo’s property in chongwe and also at some selected farms for HH in southern province particularly in sinazongwe . This is meant to link Masebo to HH as plotting to use force to take over Government . Other leaders being targeted to be implicated are UPND Vice President GBM and some UPND Party lawyers.

It is believed that State House wants to coerce a retired soldier who allegedly works at Masebo’s property to confirm this non existent plot and be a State witness to implicate her over the alleged plans to over throw the Government unlawfully.

Ms Masebo has been a target of malice by a PF sponsored media the ‘Kwacha Times’, regarding an alleged illeness, and on many occasions, the online media has announced her ‘death’ when in fact she is alive and healthy.

The sources disclosed that this is a PF strategy to prepare the mind of the public in a possible scheme to poison her and make it at appear as though she had always been in poor health when in fact she enjoys a clean bill of health.

The other informer is another retired Army officer a Major Michelo who is a medical officer but works with the UPND. He doubles up as an agent for State House and is ready to turn a State witness and back up the false allegations against the UPND, inorder to justify the arrests of Hichilema and other perceived suspects.

The sources further revealed that it is expected that HH and Masebo’s properties may be searched anytime soon, inorder to ‘unearth’ the arms cache which the Government agents plan to plant or have already planted inorder to implicate the two UPND leaders.

The sources further reveal that President Lungu and senior PF leadership are unhappy and frightened with HH and UPND’s current rise in popularity in areas percieved to be PF strongholds particularly Eastern and Northern provinces. A lot of Intelligence resources and surveillance have been dedicated to the targeted UPND leaders inorder to slow them down and prevent them from seling the UPND to ordinary people. Plans to implicate them in the coup is one of the many efforts by the Government to silence them.

The PF are equally unsettled and jittery about Hichilema’s pronouncements that the Government may not reach their end of term in 2021. They are therefore trying to collaborate these proclamations by hatching the non existent military take over of Government inorder to keep him in prison until after 2021.

Hichilema has during his many press briefings talked about democratically replacing the PF through impeachment and people power. Currently the UPND MPs are working on moving a motion in parliament to impeach President Lungu for disregarding the constitution and for gross misconduct.

This move is gaining momentum and Mr Lungu is therefore getting desperate to divert attention from himself by implicating HH and other upnd leaders of treason.

Many PF surrogates have openly predicted in the recent past that Hichilema would be re arrested for treason and die in prison, claims that have not been withdrawn or denied by the party top leadership. Recently PF Deputy Director for media, Antonio Mwanza boasted that ‘this time around’, HH would be arrested for a long time .

The sources said the above statements are indicative that the plot to accuse the UPND leader are not far fetched but real and serious.

Meanwhile the sources have also revealed that Lungu has made up his mind to print ballot papers locally by hook or by crook, and has also resolved to use the Army to ‘monitor’ the 2021 elections. The reasons to use the Army who he as Commander in Chief, has full control of, is unprecedented.

The sources say such a move is meant to intimidate the electoral process and send a signal to voters that their vote against him would not alter his hold on power.

Recently while on a working tour of Central Province, Mr Lungu told a stunned group of roadside marketeers, that he would not relinquish power even if they voted against him in 2021, adding that the only thing that they needed to do in order to improve their lives, was to ‘work’ with him.

The sources have advised the UPND to take serious interest in these revelations as Mr Lungu intends to carry them out without fail.

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