Lungu to help Kabila rig elections

Lungu to help Kabila rig elections

Edgar Lungu has sent Congolese ruler Joseph Kabila a team of Zambian intelligence officers and some staff from electoral commission to help rig that country’ forthcoming elections.

Congolese, actually Zairean, rulers don’t leave power alive, it’s either by the bullet or driven out using bullets. Kabila seems determined to maintain this tradition.

Of course Lungu has been paid millions of Dollars for this.

Yesterday, Edgar Lungu pledged support to The Democratic Republic of Congo in the electoral process.

According to his spokesperson Amos Chanda, Lungu commended Congo’s President Joseph Kabila for sending a special envoy to Zambia for an update on the electoral process ahead of its polls this year.

Lungu claimed that the Vice Prime Minister who is also the Foreign Affairs Minister Leonard Okitundu was sent to Zambia to update him on the state of the electoral process in his country.

Lungu said Okitundu , in his message, gave a comprehensive statement on the steps being undertaken to ensure there is peace in some parts of Congo where there was instability.

Now, Lungu is not the chairperson of the African Union, SADC or COMESA. In fact he is not even the deputy chair of any of these organs. So why would the DRC report to him? Did Lungu give similar reports to Congo during Zambia’s fraudulent elections held last year? When did countries start giving updates on their elections to neighbours?

The truth is that Lungu is involved in the internal affairs of that county by helping to rig elections.

We will soon publish the list of Zambian officials that are tampering with elections in DRC.

Lungu should watch his steps. He has committed too many crimes in two years.

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