Lungu to make desperate, fake promises in Northwestern province

Lungu to make desperate, fake promises in Northwestern province

Among the empty promises president Edgar Lungu will issue in Northwestern province is that the PF would construct an international Airport, build hospitals and a football stadium.

Lungu will travel to North-Western province today (Thursday) to ostensibly meet victims of landmines in Ikelengi district. Lungu will later tour Kansanshi mines then on Saturday address a rally in Mwinilunga district where he is expected to receive UPND vice president Richard Kapita to the PF.

Lungu will be making these promises knowing fully well that such projects have failed to take off in places such as Western province where the PF promised the people a modern stadium. The ground where the stadium was supposed to be constructed is a jungle as can be seen in the photo. In most parts of the country, such projects that include roads have been abandoned due to lack of money and planning. Most likely Lungu will find money to clear the ground and pretend to be constructing until the elections in 2016 when the projects would be abandoned as they are not planned or budgeted for but just meant to cheat voters. Even if an airport were to be constructed, local people would not even benefit just like the case is with the mining operations there. The airport will just be for foreigners to land and get wealth from the region. A few locals may be employed as sweepers at the airport. Real jobs will go to non-locals like

Lungu’s interest is to win votes as he, like his predecessors, believe that most Zambians are dull and can be cheated anyhow.

Mongu  stadium

Mongu stadium

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