Lungu to punish youths, soldiers for rejecting him

PF  President Edgar Lungu is bragging that he will use the IMF to punish youths and civil servants plus security and defence wings because most of them did not vote  for him.


And Lungu has been telling those close to him that Zambians who  don’t want him are stuck because he is also eligible to contest  in 2021 according to the amended constitution.


“He openly brags that now civil servants will be getting their salaries after the  ’45th’ day of the month and there will be 3 to 4 years wage and employment freeze that will affect majority youths who have no jobs as part of the IMF deal. He has since told the Treasury to implement  policies that include maximum increase in electricity tariffs and fuel prices in order to recover the money the PF Government abused during elections”, revealed a petson  close to Lungu.


Two days after Esau Chulu announced that Lungu had won, Amos Chanda issued a statement that Lungu was now ready to make painful decisions.


Already salaries for civil servants for this month are delayed and the situation is only likely to worsen while there will be a reduction on government support to the education bursary for youths.


Sources says while he does not respect the constitution in parts such as the requirements  to hand over power to the Speaker of National Assembly Patrick Matibini as there is a petition, Lungu is determined to argue that the same constitution allows him to contest elections in 2021 because his first term in office started after these elections and he was just finishing late Michael Sata’s term.


“On the going election petition, he brags that they are just wasting their time and he would never hand over power to Matibini despite the Constitional requirements. That’s why you saw him using the presidential jet going to Mfuwe and all the security apparatus when he’s currently not entitled to such facilities as he has not been sworn in and there is a petition in place. He particularly very angry with security wings after he lost elections in all the barracks and police camps in the country.


He keeps saying even the retrenchment exercise that is coming as part of the IMF programme will start with the barracks, the teachers, the medical personal, and other lower ranking officials in the civil service that did not vote  for him.


For the youths he keeps saying and laughing that they will just be dancing to his dununa reverse songs under the forthcoming employment freeze,” sources revealed.

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