Lungu to receive petition today on stage managed ‘demands’ for dismissal of Finance Minister Mutati

Lungu waiting for Mutati petition

Dictator Edgar Lungu will today receive the stage managed petitions from Patriotic Front (PF) cadres across the country calling for the resignation or dismissal of Finance Minister Felix Mutati on grounds that he is mobilising the MMD and preparing to challenge for the presidency in 2021.
PF Secretary General Davies Mwila confirmed that he will present the petitions beginning with those from Eastern Province to Lungu today.
Mwila said the PF and himself would be very comfortable to own Mutati 100 percent adding that he (Mutati) will not be allowed to ‘eat with both hands’ but should choose to be loyal to Lungu and PF or go back to the MMD.
The PF leadership has sponsored cadres to demonstrate across the country and demand for the dismissal of Finance Minister Felix Mutati who is also MMD faction president.
Mutati is scheduled to present the 2018 national budget to parliament on 29th September 2017.
But the opposition UPND has expressed concern that the police is applying the Public Order Act selectively by allowing the PF cadres to protest without police ‘permits’ even under the current ‘State of Emergency’.
UPND Secretary General Steven Katuka said UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema and the opposition party have been consistent both locally and abroad in stating that there was suppression of human rights of those having different views from those of the PF.
Katuka said he hopes the UPND will also be allowed to hold indoor and outdoor party mobilisation meetings without hindrance adding that the party members wishing to hold thanks giving rallies on the release of Hakainde Hichilema will do so under Public Order Act guidelines and hopes they won’t be blocked by the police.


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    Simeo Musonda 6 months

    Please include my email address on your mailing list.

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    kiki 6 months

    Truly speaking,these foolish PF carders are behaving as if zambia is theirs. Even the so called Edgar chagwa Lungu is silent. Well, it is a matter of time because what goes up will one day go down. History is taught how dictator idi Amin and mobutu seseko had to run into hiding when the wind of change swept through their country. Honourable kanganja, mumbi Phiri, Amos chanda and the likes of kampyongo please your days are numbered. Treat us harshly as the same is expected of you in future.

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      Mukwasu 6 months

      DOG EAT DOG!

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      Don’t plan revenge before you get power tell us how u will shame them when you get there by fixing the challenges we’re facing don’t forget that you are cumpning ..