Lungu to impose his face on Zambian Kwacha soon

Edgar Lungu’s face is yet to appear on the kwacha note before 2021, a bank of Zambia employee has disclosed.
A Bank of Zambia employee says the currency will change by next year by having President Edgar Lungu’s face.
This is in an attempt to sell himself for 2021 general elections.
“The PF have lost it. They have the best chief strategists that are branding President Edgar Lungu. What is happening now is that they are printing books, pens, desks, bicycles and distributing clothes and PF branded chitenges for Edgar Lungu in readiness for 2021”
“Its either you support the PF and enjoy the gifts they are giving you or you refuse and get beaten. We have seen most of these branded books, pens, tissues etc. But now they want to come to the currency. They want to force anyone to be seeing President Edgar Lungu everyday” a source said.
“Look here, the opposition are using the same money that will have Edgar Lungu’s face. This is a way of forcing Zambians to support President Edgar Lungu by force.This is a campaign too for them, but it comes with massive costs and danger to our economy”.
And undisclosed employee has rebuked the opposition to wake up and offer solutions.
” All this is happening, we have a major main opposition political party, they are quite, it seems they are not ready to form government because no one is talking. If we were politicians we were going to be talking but now we can’t. As Zambians we feel we don’t have a solution to this problem because all opposition are “ndwiii” a source said.
The Patriotic Front have kicked off their 2021 campaigns in most parts of the country in readiness to return power in 2021 while the opposition is still sleeping next door.

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