Lungu to use civil servants money for another concert

Outgoing President Edgar Lungu  is expected to host another musical concert at Levy Mwanawasa stadium using money meant for civil servants.
All the civil servants around the country have not been paid their salaries as there money has been diverted to the PF concerts paying dancers as much US $ 500,000 and transporting people from all parts of the country.
Students at higher learning institutions such as University of Zambia and Copperbelt University have also not been paid their upkeep allowances since they opened while Mulungushi University students were rioting over increased fees.
NORTEC students were also rioting this week as management has no funding for college operations, Lungu has taken all the money to the PF concerts.
Today’s event in Ndola is equally expected to cost as much as US $ 2 million to prove Lungu still has support on the Copperbelt and around the country yet his government owes mining houses alot of money that was meant to sustain mining operations through unpaid VAT refunds and keep jobs.

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