Lungu trying to blame ritual killings on opposition

As part of the evil schemes, outgoing President Edgar Lungu has connived and bribed some of the arrested suspected ritual murderers to start falsely  ‘confessing’ that they were sent by some opposition political leaders.
intelligence sources have revealed that the majority of people  arrested are the hard-core criminals that Lungu has been pardoning in the recent past numbering more than 1000.

“This is a highly organised scheme of ritual killings by the recently pardoned criminals by Lungu using state intelligence operatives. These people were coached and trained in advance while in prison and carefully selected as part of their conditions for being released. You are aware that the Attorney General Kalaluka was secretly visiting Maximum prisons such as Mukobeko in Kabwe in the company of Commission for Prisons Percy Chato. You are also aware that the Deputy Commission for Prisons Fredrick Chilukutu was recently retired in national interest because he is Lenje and was feared that he would object and reveal this whole evil scheme?, a security source said.

These people in PF have been murdering citizens with a view to blame it on the opposition and label them as ungodly, according to sources.

That’s why you head Lungu when he was in Eastern Province leaking the scheme by saying that the ritual killings were politically motivated, another source explained.

To date Lungu has not made any serious statement or addressed the nation to calm the nation or to condemn the acts as the commander in Chief because he is fully aware of the whole scheme behind these murders. He hopes to use the killings for political purposes to gain the lost popularity.

“The only problem we are now having is that it seems the whole scheme has not gone as planned because the situation has gotten out of hand with residents now rioting and blaming government for the slow action they have taken. It was anticipated that Zambians will remain passive like they have been as the police was going to act at an appropriate time to arrest these people who were already coached on what to confess by implicating opposition main opposition leaders,” a source connected to the evil scheme said.

Further, the scheme has gone bad as people are now just looting and stealing from shops a situation that has turned to be food riots and an embarrassment to the present government.

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