Lungu under pressure for appointing a Lozi as veep

Lungu under pressure for appointing  a Lozi as veep

President Edgar Lungu is under pressure for appointing a Lozi as vice-president.
Lungu himself has admitted that ‘people ‘ are questioning him why he appointed Inonge Wina as vice-president when people in Western province did not vote for the PF.
Lungu was speaking at State House on Tuesday when he met traditional leaders.
Lungu said he should be allowed to choose people on merit. Lungu’s admission that some people are against the appointment of Wina as vice- president gives a glimpse of the power struggle that is emerging in PF.
Senior PF members from the Northern parts of the country are accusing Lungu of betrayal.
One senior PF members disclosed that it was always understood that Lungu would appoint a Bemba as his vice-president to thank the people of the North for giving him power and also to give back power where it belongs should anything happen.
During campaigns, on December 12, 2014, the Watchdog revealed that Lungu would appoint Wina as vice-president if he is elected president.

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Like the Watchdog revealed that time, most PF ministers and officials from the Northern provinces have received the appointment of Wina with dismay.
“What Lungu has done is to take power away from Bembas. As you know and as we saw after Ba Sata died, the vice-president is a very key and strategic position. Whoever is vice is likely to take over as president in case of vacancy in State House. Umusungu (Guy Scott) was only unluck because he did not qualify to stand but Wina does and this is giving away power to Lozis, ‘explained a PF MP.
Among the people who wanted the vice-president are Alexander Chikwanda, Harry Kalaba and Nkandu Luo. Chikwanda and Kalaba have since been retained

Below: Lungu with copper thief Shawki Fawaz

Below: Lungu with copper thief Shawki Fawaz

as ministers of Finance and Foreign Affairs respectively but Luo is still waiting for her fate.


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