In Harare, doctors from SA treat & prepare Lungu for labour day parade

In Harare, doctors from SA treat & prepare Lungu for labour day parade

Ailing president Edgar Lungu’s medical team from South Africa flew on Monday evening ahead of him to Zimbabwean capital Harare where they attended to his various medical conditions.

President Lungu

President Lungu

Highly placed sources from both Zimbabwe and Zambia have revealed that about six of Lungu’s medical personal arrived Monday evening around 21:30 hours at Harare International Airport aboard a private specially designed medical jet. 

They were met by the Zambian presidential advance party mainly from the Office of the President (OP) security personnel and taken to an exclusive expensive Lodge within Harare City.

“They conducted several undisclosed medical tests and treated President Lungu at an exclusive private VIP medical center Wednesday last night. The six South African medical personnel were with Lungu’s two Zambian private medical doctors that treat him daily in Zambia. Most of the high-tech medical equipment and medication came with Lungu’s medical team from South Africa,” sources revealed.

Information obtained by the Zambianwatchdog indicate that Lungu was particularly being prepared for the gruesome Labour Day Celebrations programmed on Friday and the security system did not want another embarrassment of him collapsing in front of workers.

“As you know, that programme is also live on ZNBC television and requires that Lungu parades in front of matching Zambian workers. The procession is normally long and he will be expected to remain standing during the entire match past. He therefore needs serious medication attention ahead of such tedious ceremonies as he cannot stand for a longtime,” sources revealed.

Sources also revealed Lungu, who has diabetes, kidney, and liver condition plus his terminal ailment, needed to be fit enough to open the Zimbabwean International Trade Fair today in Bulawayo, before he flies back home for tomorrow’s Labour Day Programme in Lusaka.

“Of course he could not travel to South Africa for medication again so soon, after having come from there not long ago. And he could not bring his medical team in Zambia for fear of leakages such as this one. So it was decided he receives treatment in Zimbabwe during the SADC Heads of State Summit, which would not generate any public debate about his health condition,” sources revealed.

While in China early this month, Lungu was also attended by Chinese medical personnel in that country and probably given medication not yet approved by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

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