Lungu undermines army commander, appoints ZAF bosses to rig elections

Lungu undermines army commander, appoints ZAF bosses to rig elections

Eric Chimese

Eric Chimese

Outgoing President Edgar Lungu has unofficially appointed Zambia Airforce (ZAF) Commander Eric Chimense as Joint Military Head of Staff ahead of the August 11 general elections, breaking the existing tradition of having the Zambia Army Commander assuming that role.  By protocol and convention, the Zambian army commander is senior to other defence and security chiefs, and in the military, seniority is extremely important.

But this time the army commander will be reporting to the ZAF commander.

Lungu wants to abuse ZAF officers for his evil election activities and wants them to take the lead of the security wings. Lungu suspects that most army and National Service officers sympathise with the opposition. In the January election, most soldiers voted for the opposition.

On his part, Chimense has appointed his Deputy Commander a General Muma and  a  recently promoted ZAF General Kampenshi to coordinate the rigging operation. Muma took over as deputy ZAF commander following the murder of Gen Muliokela via a ZAF helicopter crash in Makeni area.

Kampenshi has just been recalled from Moscow to supervise the whole evil election operations, including the procurement of PF campaign materials currently in transit from China.
The issue is that these soldiers of fortune have serious concerns with any change of government as they have corruptly amassed huge wealth at the expense of their juniors.

ZAF Commander Eric Chimense currently owns very expensive unaccounted for properties in Chilanga worthy over US$10 million just opposite Sundy’s Creations.

Gen. Muma has more than 20 acres of land opposite Twin Palm ZAF base, half of which he sold to Gen. Chimense, the ZAF Commander. This land  is now about to be turned into a shopping complex.

Part of this land was supposed to be given to junior officers from all security wings in the country.

But just this week Lungu was the  guest of honour and seen cutting ribbon on a land belonging to Chimense for the construction of the shopping mall.

It was at that same function that  Chimense said he would restrict use of air space for opposition political leaders.
But then, Lungu also has a lot of stolen properties to protect and he fears he will be jailed if he loses elections.

Two months ago, Mr. Mengistu  the Ethiopian owner of Blue Nile Lodge and a close associate of Lungu put his Makeni Lodge off Kuomboka Road for sale.

Lungu couldn’t buy it directly for fear of being charged with corruption. He instead used his friend the owner of Ndozo Lodge as proxy and paid US $10 million cash for the property. Where does Lungu get all this money from? Those questions will be answered in due season. Everything has time.

Currently, more than 160 Land cruiser motor vehicles which Lungu acquired corruptly and intended to be used in this election are packed at that property.

And the  PF has bought close to 100 containers of campaign materials from China using government resources valued at US $10.5 million. The money was drawn from the civil servants’ salaries account.

Among the materials in the containers are security tools to be given to PF cadres such as Taser guns and stuns guns, police and military uniforms, tear gas canisters, PF T-shirts, overalls, helmets, underwear, bum shorts, drinking bottles, umbrellas, and caps.

The idea is to suffocate and subdue the Zambian people when the PF  unveil their materials.

The containers are still in transit under  government special delivery, meaning it’s at Government ‘s cost.

A Mr. Nyangu is among the people  handling this procurement from government wings.

Three weeks ago, Secretary to the Treasury Fredson Yamba authorised the payment for these PF materials to a Chinese supplier but the money should have been channeled through Zambia Intelligence accounts and paid through Bank Of China under the disguise of paying for Intelligence equipment and services as preparedness ahead of the general elections under security.

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