Lungu unleashes agents to squeeze $21m from Chinese companies

Lungu unleashes agents to squeeze $21m from Chinese companies

Siwo waiting to change Lungu's nappies at Maina Soko

Siwo waiting to change Lungu’s nappies at Maina Soko when the latter was hospitalised

Out going President Edgar Lungu has tasked his senior Private Secretary Daniel Siwo and local government permanent secretary Misheck Lungu to squeeze billions of Kwacha from Chinese companies with contracts with government.

The duo has been tasked by president Lungu to raise $21 million for the Patriotic Front’s 2016 election campaign.

Over the past week, Siwo and Lungu have been visiting and demanding colossal sums of money from various Chinese investors and companies and threatening to to cancel contracts that have already been agreed with the government of Zambia if the Chinese do not release the money.

For example, the boastful and arrogant permanent secretary for local government who also claims to be Edgar Lungu’s younger brother has refused to sign the memorandum of understanding between the government and CEGC for works under the Kafubu Water and Sewerage Company until a cash amount of $4million is paid to him.

Misheck Lungu has also been demanding $10 million from China Henan Construction who have been engaged to implement the C400 road project on the Copperbelt.

Both Lungu and Siwo have been threatening to cancel the memorandum of understanding with China Henan for more than a week now, including as recently as the morning of Saturday 16 January 2016.

The two corrupt PF officials have been harassing many other Chinese companies and investors as well as heads of government institutions that interact with Chinese entities such as the National Council for Construction (NCC).

President Edgar Lungu’s corrupt emissaries have continued to harass Chinese nationals for campaign funds despite resistance from the Chinese government sponsored companies who operate under very strict anti corruption regulations. Involvement in corrupt activities by government functionaries is punishable by execution in China.

The Zambian Watchdog challenges Daniel Siwo, whose phone conversations on his mobile number ending in 050 were monitored and intercepted, to refute this story if it is false.

The Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) is equally challenged to investigate this matter without delay. The Zambian Watchdog will be ready and willing to provide the ACC with recorded conversations of the corrupt duo demanding huge sums of cash on behalf of president Edgar Lungu. In the event ACC fails to contact us for evidence in reasonable time, we shall be left with no option but publish the conversations through this medium.

Corruption among State House senior officials under Edgar Lungu has been rife. Not long ago, Kaizer Zulu, who is Edgar Lungu’s advisor for political affairs, was accused of soliciting thousands of U.S. Dollars as gratification from a Chinese national. After much political interference, he was cleared by the ACC.


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