Lungu upset with striping of presidency, refuses PF candidacy on health grounds

Lungu upset with striping of presidency, refuses PF candidacy on health grounds

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 04.47.11Defence and Justice Minister Edgar Lungu has for now reportedly refused to be the PF’s presidential candidate due to poor health and in protest against the humiliation he has been subjected to following his removal as acting as president.

According to a source in one of the many PF clandestine meetings held at Stay Easy Hotel on Friday night, Lungu refused to attend despite numerous phone calls.

RDA Board Chairman Willie Nsanda phoned Lungu around midnight to attend the meeting or at least give assurance that he will become the candidate, but he (Lungu) told Nsanda that he was not willing as he was a diabetic patient and had other ailments.

Lungu also challenged Nsanda why other cabinet colleagues could not defend him in cabinet to continue acting as president following the demise of president Michael Sata since he was left with instruments of power.

Lungu then reminded Nsanda that he did not need a strenuous job for now as he had kidney problems which had made him a diabetic patient.

In one of the swearing-in ceremonies at State House, Lungu had to be assisted to recover after suffering a partial blackout and later told journalists he had forgotten to take his medication.

At the time of the meeting, Lungu was believed to be in Chawama enjoying his usual whiskey drink, which could be reason for his kidney complications.

Some of the people who were in the meeting, that included some clergymen, promised to continue persuading him so that he can possibly agree to be the candidate for one of the many PF factions.

Lungu believes he was the right person to continue acting as president and later told the media that he gave up power for the sake of peace and unity in the country.

Power has since shifted to the cartel of Guy Scott, Fred Mmembe, Wynter Kabimba, Silvia Masebo, Emmanuel Chenda, George Chellah and others who are equally moving fast to impose their own candidate.

President Sata’s son, Lusaka Mayor Mulenga Sata has also not spared a moment to first mourn his father but has quickly jumped to set-up a political dynasty by engaging his own gears to inherit his father’s powers as well as riches and properties.

In an interview, Mulenga has already ruled out Acting president Guy Scott from the president and told journalists he was interested in the vacanct presidency.

President Sata died in London last week and elections will have to be held within 90 days counting from the day he died.

Several PF factions have emerged, and despite the ban on election campaigns and meetings, several meetings are taking place especially at Chita Lodge in Olympia Park owned by PF crook Jimmy Fingers.

With the current jostling, it is clear the Zambian presidency is now up for sangwapo as it has really been cheapened.

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