Lungu uses, dumps Mutati – Rev Sambo

MMD National Secretary Reverend Reuben Sambo has said President Edgar Lungu used, dribbled and has now ditched Felix Mutati and his clique, who sadly championed the destruction of the MMD for their own selfish ambitions in collusion with former President Rupiah Banda.

Making reference to intelligence reports and media reports carried by several media houses, Reverend Sambo said as the 11 August election date fast aproaches, PF has shown that they no longer need Mutati who Jean Kapata says has brought absolutely no value to the PF and recently set unruly PF cadres on the ‘MMD’ Mandevu campaign team, destroying campaign posters of their aspiring candidate.

Other information reaching Reverend Sambo’s desk indicate that Charles Banda, the PF Kapoche constituency candidate has lashed out at the former MMD Eastern Province Provincial Chairman Jacob Mwanza, who ditched Nevers Mumba and followed Mutati and is also standing in Kapoche, to stop going round endorsing President Lungu as he (President Lungu) does not know him and should instead endorse Felix Mutati who appears on their regalia. Other reports indicate that Eastern Province chiefs have chided Raphael Nakacinda who is in the province trying to campaign for Mutati candidates, to bring order to the campaign as the PF and Mutati group were causing confusion to the electorate and could jeorpadize President Lungu’s chances of winning the elections in the province.

Meanwhile Reverend Sambo has said suspended Nakacinda has been reported to be running round in circles in the province, fighting an uphill battle with District Governors who are decampaigning the Mutati candidates that the PF has no alliance with MMD. Reverend Sambo said it is extremely unfortunate that Nakacinda is now faced with promoting a non-existent alliance which does not even have a formally signed electoral alliance document.

An intelligence report received from Central Province quotes President Lungu as having informed a caucus meeting of senior provincial PF officials to ignore the MMD as there was no alliance with them and that they had brought no value to the PF. At that meeting Mr. Lungu is alleged to have also directed that none of the Independent nor Mutati candidates were to be allowed to use his name, the PF symbol or regalia and declared that only those standing on PF ticket were recognized by him and the party leaving people like Howard Kunda in total confusion.

Reverend Sambo expressed sadness at the disastrous end of the PF/Mutati/Banda alliance which was a clear manifestation of the danger of lacking Morality and Integrity in Zambian politics and urged all who have followed this drama to learn lessons about the importance of truth, honesty and integrity which MMD President Dr. Nevers Mumba has been preaching about.

“ Dr Mumba repeatedly told the party and the nation, that the kind of trickery, deceitful conduct as excemplified by the PF/Mutati/Rupiah Banda Alliance are the main reason why he joined politics to rid this sector of the so-called ‘dirty politics.’ Unfortunately, expelled Mutati connived with Rupiah Banda and rushed to PF on a slippery slope to try and outdo Nevers Mumba into an alliance with no proper terms of reference but all driven by an appetite to settle political scores,” he said.

Reverend Sambo said Dr. Mumba and the genuine MMD members have been vindicated for staying focused and unwavering in the face of extreme tribulation but is happy that the MMD is now in an alliance with a straight-forward visionary leader like Hakainde Hichilema and appealed to all committed MMD members who have stayed true to the values of the MMD to turn out in large numbers next week and vote for Hakainde Hichilema as next Republican President to bring order and sanity to the country.

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