Lungu’ s violence advisor wants police officers fired


Max Chongu wants police officers replaced with PF cadres. He writes👇img_1323


Good morning fellow country men and women, comrades from the patriotic front party, all protocols observed.

It hurts and pains me to see that people with key positions in the civil service are supporting the opposition and indirectly undermining and frustrating the patriotic front government efforts under the leadership of our distinguished humble leader president Edgar Chagwa Lungu.

I have been following the incharge at chimbokaili prison clinic with keen interest after I received a tip off and I can confirm the man is pro UPND.

I have followed him to the extent i sent a girl to seat next to him at his favourite drinking place in kabwata at the famous chimutengo to tap into his conversation the man despises pf and President Edgar Chagwa Lungu with impunity, why then should we keep such in key positions?

Iam also aware of a driver in kalumbila who was using government vehicle to ferry upnd supporters and also transport upnd material and yet this chap is a civil servant.

Our members or cadres are crying for jobs even just as a mere driver and yet the people we have given such opportunities are against the pf government.

The government should also make reshuffles at Petauke police remove the CIO and a few prosecutors because these are pro upnd they had deliberately fabricated cases against as and made sure it was us against the people which is the government, because they were pretty sure that pf was losing hence they wanted us to stay in prison for life. These same chaps were infact planning to slap us with a murder charge something we did not do and never think of doing.

On several attempts they were schemes to poison our food but thanks to the officer in charge at wazanji prison who put up strict security measures.

Iam also aware of those policemen from chipata who are pro upnd that came to prison with tools wanting to squeeze my testicles so that I stop producing children, these chaps even vowed that they were ready to take me back to Lusaka in a white cloth meaning dead body, thanks to inmates who put up a solid stance preventing the policemen who entered the prison authorities from carrying out their deadly mission.

The commanding officer in kazungula is also questionable with his loyalty he ought to be reprimanded that as a civil servant he needs to uphold the morals of the service which emphasizes on being loyal to the government.

Kafue town police reshuffles are urgently needed take back KANFWA a.k.a. jet Lee back to Kafue from chelston police because our people their are being victimized ever since kanfwa left Kafue town police station.

Don’t say I never warned , good day and God bless you all mostly my friend commander 3 DARRYL MBILITU.


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