Lungu wants peace with Mm’embe, says Chama

Patriotic  Front secretary general Davies Chama says the differences between his party and The Post can be sorted out, according to the Post newspaper.
Agreeing with Copperbelt minister Mwenya Musenge, who on Monday said the PF must reflect and find out why it is having differences with The Post when the party would not have formed government without the newspaper’s support, Chama said it was also the desire of President Edgar Lungu to resolve the differences. “It is our desire that we have cordial relationships with any media house, including The Post.

And yes, we were partners and we have actually been shocked to see where the enmity and the differences are coming from.

There is nothing insurmountable in discussing, dialoguing with people that we have worked with before, who helped us and who played a role in promoting what we stand for as a party. Whatever differences, if there are any, I don’t think that they cannot be sorted out. That is the position of the President and that is the position of the party,” he said. Chama said there was no difference which could not be sorted out.

“These imaginary and artificial differences, in my view, can be sorted out to a mutual understanding of where somebody stands and mutual respect and we look forward to one day, even yesterday, when this relationship will be back on track just like we want to build any relationship with any Zambian who wants to move the country forward. We have a leader who is a critic of polarisation of the country,” said Chama. “…It is our desire as a party that we mend this relationship to the way it used to be to build the country.”

Where will this leave Rupiah Banda, will he also be part of the reconciliation? This will be an interesting turn of events. The Post and PF were partners against Rupiah Banda. Now Rupiah Banda is part of PF. Maybe this will teach people like Edith Nawakwi a lesson that it does not pay to be used by people with one agenda: controlling presidents. They will use you then go and make peace at your expense.

The Zambian Watchdog does not need to reconcile with anybody. We do not hate anyone and no one is our enemy. All we do is monitor the government of the day. We did that under Levy Mwanawasa, we did that under Rupiah Banda and we are doing that under Edgar Lungu. We shall do the same under the next president. Independent media should never form alliances with political parties. That takes away the essence of independence.

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