Lungu wants police to arrest HH at night

Latest information indicate that president Edgar Lungu has now directed that UPND president Hakainde Hichilema should be picked and locked up in police cells tonight.

According to a high level security meeting that ended at 16:30 hours at State House this afternoon addressed by Lungu himself, but attended by Inspector General of Police Stella Libongani, Lusaka Division Commanding Officer Charity Katanga and some State House Staff, Lungu directed the police to mobilise tonight and lock up Mr. Hichilema tonight.

A high level source who attended the meeting revealed that a secret location and police cell has already been prepared to confine and humiliate Mr. Hichilema.

The earlier plan was for Mr. Hichilema to appear at Woodlands Police Station tomorrow at 10:00 hours, but Lungu overruled everyone who argued that Hichilema had no case at all.

Hichilema may face treason charges according to Lungu’s plan, but with a solitary confinement, it is possible to even poison him.

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