Lungu tells off genuine PF members

Lungu tells off genuine  PF members

A Lungu with Dora

A Lungu with Dora

President Edgar Lungu has says he will closely monitor genuine PF  members  who are trying to frustrate MMD members he recently appointed as District Commissioners.

And Lungu is expected to travel to Northwestern province again in his attempt to replace Bemba votes with votes from Northwestern province.
Indirectly attacking PF members who suffered with late Michael Sata to make PF win elections in 2011, Lungu said Tuesday that some people are not happy after they were left out when he appointed District Commissioners.
He said only one person can be appointed at a time and vowed  that he will take note of those trying to frustrate his appointees.
President Lungu is systematically uprooting PF members from key positions and replacing them with Rupiah Banda’s MMD members.
And President Lungu is expected in North Western Province for campaigns under the disguise of inspecting developmental projects.
President Lungu is attempting to make inroads in the opposition UPND strongholds ahead of next year’s elections while keeping the opposition at bay through the Public Order Act. Lungu has realised that he is slowly losing the Bemba vote but at the advise of Lucky Mulusa, Lungu believes he can win the hearts of Northwesterners. Former president Rupiah Banda is working with Lungu on an anti-Bemba project which is spearheaded by Lucky Mulusa. It is however unlikely that Northwesterners can easily swing to PF especially that Lucky Mulusa himself was recently rejected in Solwezi in a bye-election. Mulusa is seeking to re-contest Solwezi under the new PF of MMD in 2016.
He is scheduled to visit Solwezi, Zambezi, Chavuma and Kasempa where he is expected to open a NATSAVE Bank branch within the week. NATSAVE is actually broke and opening another branch there is just meant to hoodwink local people.

He is most likely to be accompanied by former UPND vice president Richard Kapita and probably give him a job while there.

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