Lungu was happy when I insulted Tongas-Kambwili

Former Information Minister Chishimba Kambwili has disclosed that Edgar Lungu and the PF were very happy and congratulated him when he issued tribal remarks against Tongas.
And Kambwili has reiterated his challenge to Edgar Lungu to explain his source of new wealth and massive construction of properties across Lusaka.
He said he was now happy that he has apologised to Tongas but wondered why the PF leadership is angered by his apology to an extent of accusing him of having been possessed by demons when he issued tribal remarks.
‘When I used that language against the Tonga, which I regret and apologised, everybody in PF was happy and said well done including the President but when I apologise and make peace with the Tongas they say I was possessed by demons,’ Kambwili wondered.
Kambwili has further charged that Information Minister Kampamba Mulenga is trying to gain political mileage by defending Edgar Lungu over allegations of plunder and construction of flats across Lusaka adding that only Lungu or his mouth piece Amos Chanda should respond to him.
The former Information Minister has challenged Edgar Lungu to explain the source of the money he is allegedly using to ‘litter’ Lusaka with housing complexes and flats when he had no money few years ago.
Kambwili stressed that there was no humbleness in plunder, corruption and failing to explain one’s wealth.

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