Lungu wasting money opening unnecessary embassies

Edgar over-spending Tax Payers money on unnecessary missions overseas

We have always questioned the priorities of President Edgar Lungu and his PF government. At a time of unprecedented economic crises, which they PF refer to as “unprecedented development”, President Lungu and his Cabinet bought 157 motor vehicles for District Administrators when simple logic would have guided them to buy generators for hospitals and schools. Furthermore, even if it were for the districts, Zambia only has 105 or so districts so one wonders where the 50+ motor vehicles will be taken. Who knows maybe some districts now have two DCs.

Here is another PF misplaced priority and the Watchdog can reveal with certainty from sources within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that the government is spending colossal sums of money (forex) opening up new embassies and this is also partly the reason the Kwacha is under immense pressure. Mr. Harry Kalaba, the PF Minister of Foreign Affairs, has just returned from opening a mission in Israel. The Mission in Turkey is also new and so is a consulate in China, which they refer to as Trade Centre in their crooked minds. In Australia the government is spending $2500 a week renting a mansion for the High Commissioner while they are still searching for house to buy in the range of $2-3 million. When you add to this the cost of ancillary staff housing, office rentals, salaries, allowances for school fees, vehicles and air tickets, the cost will be so huge and one wonders whether it is worth the sort of expenditure Zambia should be making at this point. MMD under Chiluba had closed this mission in Australia and it was for a good wisdom but PF wisdom of careless expenditure has led them to reopen it at a huge cost to the tax-payer. It beats any kind of reasoning that a poor country like Zambia not only has a bloated cabinet but also has more Embassies than wealthier countries. Zambia could easily reduce the number of embassies and save on costs, but we are dealing with a government with misplaced priorities.

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