Lungu will back me for 2021, claims Chitalu Chilufya

Lungu will back me for 2021, claims Chitalu Chilufya


President Edgar Lungu is having second thoughts on contesting the Presidency in 2021, minister of health Chitalu Chilufya is telling his confidants.

According to minister Chilufya, president Lungu will instead back him, Chitalu Chilufya as PF Presidential candidate. Minister Chilufya has been telling some chiefs that Lungu has finally realised that he can’t win 2021 so he is looking at a more popular candidate.

Minister Chitalu says President Lungu has since launched a consultative process to consult among others Bemba Chiefs and Chiefs from Eastern Province.

It is stated that President has already consulted former Republican President Rupiah Banda.

President Lungu two weeks ago met former President Rupiah Banda to confirm reports that Mr. Banda wanted to run for 2021 elections.

When Banda denied the reports, President Edgar Lungu told Mr. Rupiah Banda that he was thinking twice on running for the Presidency again.

The source said President Lungu then told the former President that he had shortlisted two people to take over from him.

The two are Health Minister Chitalu Chilufya and Finance Minister Bwalya Ngandu.

Chitalu Chilufya is now looking at infrastructure minister Vincent Mwale as his running mate (both are from MMD).
The adoption of Chilufya as presidential candidate will however infuriate tourism minister Ronald Chitotela who also believes that he should be the heir.

Chitalu Chilufya and Chitotela are not on speaking terms unless when it’s absolute necessary during cabinet meetings.

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    ONE BWEZI 2 weeks ago

    Rupiah Banda knows how to run the country making sure that there is enough money for everyone in the country. With Bwezani everyday ni chwe!chwe!chwe!chwe!chwe!chwe!chwe!chwe!
    nibamuna bena bwezani.

  • comment-avatar
    Harold Besa 2 weeks ago

    Yes Lungu will be in hospital and this Doctor will be the sole candidate.

  • comment-avatar
    Nyambe the Hero 2 weeks ago

    Another joker.

    Anyway somethings are possible to those who have faith in rigging.

  • comment-avatar
    Matumbo 2 weeks ago

    Boza. Lungu can’t never

  • comment-avatar

    Be ready for big rigging of the next elections by PF, Zambians please wake up and kick this cancer called PF OUT

  • comment-avatar
    Zambiaisours 2 weeks ago

    Whoever Lungu will annoint as a success is a potential loser unless they rig as he/she will be perceived to have been brought to cover up for Lingu’s abuses!! They will fall together!In fact it would be good to have a persom like Bwalya Ng’andu in the opposition to do board room style “cho-chiso” (arguments) with a person like HH.That way,may be our politics can gain some civility!!