‘Lungu will be difficult to sell in 2021’

‘Lungu will be difficult to sell in 2021’


Ephraim Shakafuswa writes:

When people are tired and fed up with your behaviour, it is done. You can not buy them with money nor material things.

We have reached our anti climax and everyone is just thinking about how much money they will get away with.

Reboot the government and party ba Kateka. At the end of the day you are the product which will be hard to sell in 2021 because of your indecision. Stop substituting JUSTICE with MERCY because JUSTICE will come back for you. Where is the balance?

Napita Mukwai

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    mailon 6 days ago

    There is no way Lungu can sell in 2021,or in any election the results are there for all discerning citizens to see.The man has no message for the people,he is always issuing empty threats but worse,if there is a time that is dangerous for an incompetent leader it is when the citizens starve….even 1diots will start to think.The least he can hope for is not to be whitewashed.Right now the blame game has already started in PF,the f00ls are just failing to point at him as the one to blame,and with the noise diving economy,it is soon to happen…

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    Miles Mulenga 7 days ago

    PF will buy the votes, just like they did last time. And with all those corrupt and half corrupt government people – who wouldn’t dare voting for somebody else in fear of losing all that money that is coming their way – and without a real competitor in any party, I’m afraid Lungu is feeling pretty confident. Unfortunately for Zambia, because the entire country is going to the DOGS.


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    Indeed he is and will never be saleable material. But again zambians are different breed who will buy even expired food.

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    Chisha Banda 1 week ago

    This is a PF problem. I will not involve myself in it. I have too many problems on my hands including paying bills some of which are artificial imposed on me by PF Government.