Lungu will be responsible if Zambians act in self defence-UPND

The United Party for National Development (UPND) has said that President Lungu will be to blame if Zambians defend themselves against PF thugs who are trying to create so called ‘no-go’ areas for the opposition.
UPND Secretary General Stephen Katuka has further charged that President Lungu’s failure to act to stop violence will reveal his lack of sincerity and care for the peace and stability of the nation.
Katuka warned that if President Lungu does not take action on violence by his cadres he will be held responsible when people retaliate to defend themselves.
He said President Lungu must bring the thugs that are harassing the opposition from campaigning in certain areas under control adding that there should be no tolerance of thuggery in party or government structures.
Meanwhile Katuka has expressed happiness at the support that the UPND was receiving in Muchinga Province.
‘As we continue our tours we are pleased to see the ground shifting in Muchinga Province. More and more people are rejecting the PF’s panga politics and are instead joining the fight against poverty under the leadership of the UPND president Hichilema,’ Katuka said.
PF thugs have been attempting through violence to stop the UPND from campaigning in Muchinga and Northern Provinces but the party has managed to hold successful rallies despite intimidation from PF thugs.

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