Lungu will subject us to violent cadres


What happened yesterday at Cabinet officer where scruffy, drunk cadres invaded cabinet office trying to beat up the acting president gives us a glimpse of what Zambia would be under Edgar Lungu.

It clearly shows that this man believes in mob justice where cadres reign supreme. Cadres will be taken over our plots while the president will either cheering on or pretending not to see. Please Zambians open your eyes and see what you are getting yourselves in to. If Lungu is selected as PF candidate, let it end there but the rest of the country should reject him. For once let us give ourselves sober leadership where cadres are tamed. There was no justification whatsoever for Lungu and his cadres to disrupt peace. I missed an appointment because the road was blocked by these drunk cadres. I am glad that president Scott put his foot down. I think Lungu will be trying to cover his weaknesses by showing force through cadres. Any one opposing Lungu will be met with these impis armed with machetes. Please brothers and sisters; let us redeem ourselves from this stone age period.

I fear what will become of Zambia under these drunk masters.


  1. Zimba

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