Lungu wishes members who left PF due to his mediocrity could return

Lungu wishes members who left PF due to his mediocrity could return

UPND-Smashed-vehicleWith nothing sensible to tell his violent thugs, outgoing President Edgar Lungu has says there will be an exodus of former Patriotic Front members from the UPND once UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema unveils his running mate.


And your thought it was only cadres who are having sleepless nights over UPND running mate?

Why does he want them to return when he said they have no influence?

Imagine the outgoing president spending 98 percent of his speech talking about the opposition leaders’ running mate instead of explaining why there is so much hunger, hatred, load shedding and violence in the country under his leadership?

Lungu wishes that PF members who left the party for the UPND will come back to the ruling party once Mr Hichilema unveils his running mate during the filing of nomination papers tomorrow.
Lungu said this when he addressed PF thugs after he and his running mate Inonge Wina filed in nomination papers this morning.
He said the former PF members will return to the ruling party after discovering that where they went there is lack of quality leadership. He probably believes that he and Inonge are of quality leadership.

Just after this, Lungu told his supporters to go and attack the UPND secretariat.

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