Lungu won’t leave state house for fear of being arrested

It takes very little intelligence to realise that Edgar Lungu wants to die in state house. He fears to leave state house as he knows that the minute he will do so, ge is going to jail for theft, treason, murder and other crimes. It doesnt matter who succeeds him unless it will be Rupiah Banda.

So when he threatens judges, people must understand why he is doing so. A week ago Lungu said there is a clique of judges trying to block him from seeking a third term in 2021. He warned that if the judges blocked him, he will create chaos worse than what is happening in Kenya.

People like Harry Kalaba who are campaigning under ground must up their game. Lungu is not stepping aside no matter what the courts will say.



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    muntungwa 4 months


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    zamzam 4 months

    he must leave WHERE HE LIKES ON NOT

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    Patson Lungu 4 months

    Ni state House yakwa wishi?