Lungu, your children won’t enjoy wealth you are stealing

Lungu, your children won’t enjoy wealth you are stealing

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My president, how about you respond to Pilota by carefully attending to peoples needs? E.g buying practically reducing corruption, making a conductive environment for the agriculture sector, reduce your theft of tax payers money, give good conditions for higher learning institutions, etc

Look at the bigger picture, domt just look at for you and your children, but also think about the 5th generations of your blood line.

– Where will they stay?

– How will the business environment user friendly for them?

– Will there be land for them to aquire?

– Will they still enjoy the money to are getting now?

– Will they be slaves to the people you are borrowing from?

– What working conditions will they be leaving in?

Look! The past is there to learn from and be wise and create a positive legacy that will live on for generations.

Lets take a look at one of the former presidents, Frederick Titus Chiluba, may his soul rest in peace. It is said that he stole alot of money and was involved in many currupt activities in smart ways unlike you who does it in the open and everybody knows.

– Did he enjoy his money after being president?

– Who benefited the most from the properties he had aquired abroad?

– Where are the children and how are the leaving?

– Who stood with him when he left power?

– Where is he and what legacy has he left on the minds of people?

Remember, not more that 20 years has past from his rise to power to his death and struggle of the children.

So take time and ask yourself the following questions

– What makes you think these outcomes will not land on you?

– What makes you think the people that support you today will still support you tomorrow?

– What makes you think your children will live to enjoy your clearly stolen wealth?

My president Edger Lungu, pay attention before the same people that are praising turn you into a laughing stock.

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