Lungu’s advance team for medication already in Asia

Lungu’s advance team for medication already in Asia

President Edgar Lungu is soon expected to leave for Asia t for what state house sources say is a medical trip. And president Edgar Lungu last Thursday met Chinese Ambassador to Zambia Yang Youming at State House and asked him to fix an appointment with the president of China.

An advance trip that has been tasked to find a suitable hospital left for China last week. After collapsing in public on International women’s day, Lungu was evacuated to South Africa where he was diagnosed with throat cancer. The throat cancer is a said to be just an opportunistic disease of his underlying huge sickness. South African doctors could not operate Lungu but just inserted him with a tube to ease pain and enable him travel.

President Lungu was advised to seek medication in Pakistan, India or any Asian country where such cancer operations are conducted using methods not yet approved by the World Heath Organisation (WHO).

Government sources say Lungu will be in Asia for almost two weeks. During the two weeks, his spokesperson Amos Chanda will be sending photos showing that Lungu is working just like George Chellah was doing when Sata trekked to Asia for treatment.

“They haven’t announced the trip because they are still trying to secure the appointments of Chinese leaders so that he can be seen shaking hands with them as way of showing that he is not in hospital,’ said a source.

The source of news said that the Chinese ambassador was asked to see if he could set up a appointment with his president but he could not commit himself as the Chinese president often makes appointment many months before he meets any foreign head of state. ‘The ambassador promised to do his best’, said the source.

Lungu’s long trip to Asia will come as surprise to many Zambians as it has not been publicised. The only visit the people have been told is that of the Ghanaian president who is supposed to visit Zambia in April.

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