Lungu’s agents demanding money from Kabwe business houses

Lungu’s agents demanding money from Kabwe business houses

Business houses in Kabwe have complained that kabwe District PF secretary Boston Mpende and his treasurer Kennedy Chishala are milking them of a lot of money in the name of “donations to the PF.

Sources at ZALCO limited said that the two name PF officials have been going round companies in Kabwe asking for donations using president Edgar Lungu’s name.

“They wrote us a letter asking for a donation to the party.They came to ZALCO and we gave them K18 000 but its a pit that when the first lady came to kabwe last month, they complained that they dont have funds to run the party. They didn’t even tell her that we gave them money so we wonder if this money reached the PF because we suspect that they pocketed it.”

Another source from Chiman Mining also said that the two wrote a letter to the company asking for money to the party.

‘While there are important issues to attend to, PF officials are busy stealing from companies’ complained another source.

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