Lungu’s call for prayers and fasting

By Antonio Mwanza

Last time I wrote extensively about the prerequisites of reconciliation. Today I have basic questions:
1. What sin or sins does President Edgar Lungu want the nation to repent from?
2. According to the Webster Dictionary, the term Reconciliation means “bringing together two people or groups of people who are enemies or who have differed to an amicable truce”. The question therefore is which people or group of people is president Lungu trying to reconcile and what did those people or group of people differ on?
3. When you fast you have to fast for a SPECIFIC reason. What SPECIFIC purpose does Edgar Lungu want the country to fast over?
These are pertinent questions that needs clear and honest answers before anyone goes or ask someone to go to that prayer meeting on the 18th of October, 2015, a day President Edgar Lungu has dubbed, Day Of Repentance, Prayer And Fasting.

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