Lungu’s children join in plundering national resources

Daliso Lungu with Likando his girlfriend and baby mama

Edgar Lungu’s two children Tasila Lungu and Daliso Lungu over the weekend enjoyed themselves in lower Zambezi using Tax payers money while their father was on the Copperbelt asking PF officials to steal but not steal everything.

Daliso and Tasila were flown to lower Zambezi using a ZAF PLANE and later flown to the park using a ZAF CHOPPER which is illegal.

According to the law, only A President and the Vice President are allowed to Use ZAF AIRCRAFTS and other officials may only use these aircrafts with permission from the president when under taking Government duties.

But Tasila and Daliso took with them a bunch of there friends to enjoy the weekend while drinking expensive Beers Which they could not afford a few years ago.

Tasila Lungu has been labeled as one of her fathers closest business partners as she is in charge of exporting most of the illegal mukula logs on behalf of her father together with Kaizar Zulu.

Daliso Lungu also has been in labeled in multiple corruption practices as he is one of the shadow private secretaries to his father, Daliso Fixes a lot of Meetings for Chinese business men for his father, he gets not less than 100,000 dollars just to fix a meeting for the Chinese to meet his father, since Daliso Has clearance at state house, he drives directly to Nkwazi house where he takes the Chinese to meet his father.

Tasila Lungu is the only child Edgar Lungu has from his first wife who divorced him due to his bad drinking habits and lack of responsibility.

Daliso Lungu is the only Child Esther Lungu and Edgar Lungu have together, when Esther Lungu got married to Edgar she had four children already, from her previous Marriage, she too was divorced for adulatory and later met Lungu.

One of Esther Lungu’s daughters who never accepted Edgar As their step father due to his Drunkenness and lack of Responsibility Janet Is the one currently living in the government house which lungu lived in when he was Defense Minister, she is living in the house illegally as it is a government house meant for a cabinet minister and not a presidents step child, the house is also used as a corruption dean.

After Lungu became president Janet who was one of the children of Esther Lungu who refused to accept Lungu as their father decided to embrace Lungu and now using the name Janet Lungu.

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