Lungu’s Chinese hitman – part 2

Lungu’s Chinese hitman – part 2

We know Zambians have already forgotten about the Chinese nationals who have been hired as senior police officers in Zambia though disguised as ‘reservists’.

But the man in the photos is of particular interest. His real name is Yudah Xu but he is known as Junda Xu. He was given a position as Senior superintendent in the reserve wing of the Zambia police. Another one, Zhang Zian was given a top rank of assistant commissioner of police. See attached document.

Now this man, Xu, is stinking rich, thanks to his illegal trading in Mukula tree and other crimes facilitated by Edgar Lungu. Yes, he is a personal friend of Lungu.

This is is the same criminal who has been given a contract to build housing units for police across the country .

Now, why would a billionaire like this one want to work as a police officer?

And please make no mistake, these Chinese men have not been removed from the police service. The statement by Police boss Kakoma Kanganja was just meant to stop the outcry and condemnation from the public. These guys have been working as police officers for over a year now and the truth is that will not go away.

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