Lungu’s connection to govt contractors



Why is State House so reckless with the images of Lungu they release to the public? Ain’t there gate-keepers to manage these issues like the way young George Chellah did for Mr. Sata? Here is my point, in this photo, the man on  Lungu’s right is Mr. Akabondo Munalula, a Rupiah Banda connection and local road contractor, who also happens to be Northern Province minister Brian Mundubile’s (the man on President Lungu’s left) business partner. Whereas the man in a funny light blue golf t-shirt is a Mr. Ntinda, a local contractor too. So strictly speaking, President Lungu is sandwiched by local contractors. What does this suggest on the integrity, transparency and dignity of the Presidency? How did these bogus contractors become so close to the President that they can even afford an early morning work-out with him? Zambians please let’s respect the Presidency and halt these reckless and suggestive embarrassing exposures.



  • Is it wrong to promote our own,
    So it was going to be an issue if he was again surrounded by Chinese ka.

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    THE PRINCE 1 week


  • Ubufumu bucindaka ubwine

  • Etambuyu Lubinda Lubinda my wife surely , how careful is a etson whose votes have been ” stollen ” five time ? He has not yet foundd a formulae to seal the loophes or are we saying all the formulates to seal the loopholes are porous ? Then how is he going to manage to prevent rampant thefts by civil servants ? All the time you are Just whining but you are not worried about lack of caution on the part of your candidate in terms of his “porous” carefulness. Baby girl I want you to answer intellectually here.

  • Roxy: the best person to tell you about hh is somebody out there who stole his votes made himself popular by pretending to be a GOD fearing person wen not and he now wants to get rid of him at all cost,so ask him and dont forget to ask why the desparation on how to get rid of hh and he wil give you an answer as he sometimes if not everytime that he thinks aloud so just get close to him then you wil know hh as well dear

  • In luvale we say, ” owo mwa fulama kwivwa sonyi pimbi , yove mutalako ukevwe sonyi”. Meaning the one who exposes his /her nakedness does not feel the shame , why should who is just looking there feel the shame. Niba cipante pants so cabe. Its a sad thing though.


  • ZWD you have no idea how the system operates. Anyway can you show the bogusness of these contractors via evidence.

  • A time is coming when shoddy deals will be exposed. Mukobeko and chimbokaila will be your homes very soon.. Deals are sweet when you are power but sour once that power is taken from you, ask Rupiah Banda..

  • Watchdog they have no news thy r like people who don’t come up with some new ideas

  • So dogs you want contracts to come to you the enemies so that you mismanage things and then you say the government is useless grow up puppies

  • The Arrest of Central province UPND provincial Youth chairman is an indication that reconciliation is far from being reached,especialy where he was Arrested at SDA church,barred from praying we only pray that the good Lord protects him,how ever he dd mantuon some time back that he was being trailed by state agents,Munakampwe is a prayer guy we are wondering how many Opposition leaders will go to jail during this period.

  • Integrity? Dignity? Transparency? Your guess is as good as mine.

  • That’s my President ……

  • I saw this exact post in the morning on the “zambian eagle” page

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    sobongo kibinda 1 week

    we said it!! but reflufs woudn’t listen now they beter carry that bag of shit.

  • Who did this article? Did ZWD just say PRESIDENT Lungu?

    It’s a shame you want to praise young George Chellah for the same thing you were demonizing while Sata was too sick to attend public gatherings. Hypocrites

    • They think we have forgotten, these are the wrong people to talk about the late Michael.
      Unless for those with short memories will agree with them

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    sobongo kibinda 1 week

    are you safe!!

  • Have you seen them signing a contract?

  • If something is good for nothing, nothing is good for it. It can do anything, anything at all, but it will still be seen as useless. Good for nothing.

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      sobongo kibinda 1 week

      dont talk in idioms be straght bonse natu dabwafye ka

  • Jonathan Edward invited the photographer so he can show the world, Mussolini type.

  • only crooks and also evil people are freindly to jonathan and the shark,sangomas bwafya

  • You want him to be surounded with animals or what is your agenda? Give us news you poeple not this jealous you are showing the world .

  • These crooks will abuse their association to the Republican President with lucrative deals as to how and where he can stash some cash for the “obvious” rainy day that is fast approaching. When the poor man loses power and rediscovers his lost “humility” the same characters will be busy telling the new kid on the block about where the former humble man had stashed his bounty in exchange for NEW CONTRACTS.

  • I have been here in morethan 21yers but i don’t know who z hh he can somebody tell me

  • What’s the interest with contractors?

  • If ZWD was dining with the govt we wouldn’t be informed of some irregularities in this regime…me i thot its just one of those photos without an error kanshi awe sure

  • Ka chest ka Junta…..!

  • I personally like the picture. The president looks great and fit. The dress code is also simple but powerful.

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    This tells you that there is something wrong,because the mouth can’t preform the factions of an eye.

  • Birds of the same feathers fly together .the appearance of people with Jonah ……,..,.junta

  • I honestly dont see anything wrong with the picture why should it be an issue to stand with local people of zambia rich or poor educated or not it doesnt matter really.

    • You are free to be naive but i dont think its a coincedence that they are all contractors.

    • Am being realistic. I guess you are also free to argue from without. Anything small is an issue to some people even a picture.

    • A picture says a thousand words.

    • Yes i know but not in this particular one there are no words to say in this simple picture really there is nothing unusual about it.

    • Thats your opinion, it cant invalidate my views.

    • Yes its true we are all entitled to our own strong opinions. Nice chatting with you.

    • NO, it doesn’t end here ! There are So many wrong things with the picture. Like pretending to be doing what you are not doing to cheat others. That is wrong. We know people who Exercise.

    • LOL it ends here!

    • kai ndiwe dingani mukowa aa shaka,walilwa kutulela he thot zambia is a bar were wen u ar tired u easly go to yo bed and sleep,that job needs someone with a genius brain aikona ufwaside aa mankanda

    • Brainjoy Unfortunately your afro man at mukobeko is not loved with his brain and he will never rule you understand. Have respect for your leader you fool. Dingani don’t mind the bitter people.

    • Of course one cannot see anything if one is blind mentally

    • If you say so why was HH arrested for sharing the same road with Lungu???????

    • Ati brainjoy it should have been brainless coz you write as if you have no brains and you richard what views? Rubbish views busy commenting on ECLwhat the hell are you doing commenting on his picture if you dont like him BITTER FOOLS!

  • My president …

  • If people hate u they ll do anything to destory your view,the more u hate him,the more God lifts him.

  • so chakubaba chikala ai

  • This one he is a laughing star in a country

  • koma mumu zonda ECL chamikalipa his health is on point

  • Can an ordinary citizen bid and win these road contracts without connections?Just asking…….

  • Mervin Kanzobia Lumai

  • Members of the public don’t comment on it look..bazaku manga kikiki OK.