Lungu’s desperate deal with Litunga exposed

Lungu’s desperate deal with Litunga exposed

Litunga receiving bribes from Lungu's wife

While his people are suffering and being jailed, Litunga receiving bribes from Lungu’s wife

After realising his continued fall in popularity, President Edgar Lungu has now turned to the Litunga whom he has paid and will now start ‘singing’ the restoration of the Barotseland agreement of 1964, the same treason charge for which some Lozi speaking people have been jailed for.

Under the latest deal, the Litunga will send Indunas; Kalonga, Katema and Namuyamba to all district Kutas with  the hope of convincing the Indunas to support the restoration of the Barotseland Agreement but not secession.

Lungu has then ordered the Ministry of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs to organize a meeting of two selected Indunas from each district and area Kutas to be held in Senanga and come with resolutions which will contradict those of the Barotse National Council.

The Litunga together with the Selected Indunas will then go to State House to pledge support to PF and claim yo be representing the wishes of the Barotse people.

After that, Lungu will go to WP and declare the restoration of the Agreement and possibly pardon all people connected to calls for the restoration of the agreement so as to win the people’s favor.

Lungu will also officially open the Mongu-Kalabo road and lay the foundation stones on Lewanika university and Mongu stadium.

A Watchdog source within State house has made this disclosure.

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