Lungu’s economic recovery plan weak – Nshimunza

Lungu’s economic recovery plan weak – Nshimunza

By Chileshe Mwango

The opposition Movement for National Transformation –MNT- has described the Economic Recovery Programme launched yesterday by President Edgar Lungu as weak.

Party  President Daniel Shimunza also says the devastating implications of covid-19 and climate change should not continue to be an excuse for lack of recovery of the ailing Zambian economy.

Dr. Shimunza says a government that is transformative is capable of managing the underlined challenges without running to giving excuses as a way of hiding ineptness and incompetence in macro-economics.

He tells phoenix news that the programme lacks macro-economic vision outlook, strong economic reforms.

President Edgar Lungu yesterday launched the economic recovery programme-ERP- for the period 2020 to 2023 with a determination to restore Zambia’s economic growth through restoring growth and safeguarding livelihoods through microeconomic stability, economic diversification and debt sustainability.


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