Lungu’s extravagance

The decision by President Edgar Lungu and his government to charter a private jet at a colossal sum of 300 000 US Dollars to go to Newyork is a demonstration that our leaders really do not care and are out of touch with reality otherwise how on earth could they indulge in such pomp and splendour amidst a huge fiscal deficit?

Instead of cutting down on unnecessary public expenditure to save and invest in needy areas our leaders have the audacity to wax themselves in opulenceand extravagance, hiring private jets at astronomical costs. Looking at the huge presidential entourage, even party functionaries such as Mumbi Phiri are in New York at government expense.

This country has serious fiscal challenges. Even paying salaries for civil servants has become a challenge. Our credit ratings have been downgraded from stable to NEGATIVE. We are grappling with the worst-ever power shortage and companies are laying off workers. The Kwacha has fallen 41% this year making it the worst performing currency in the world.

Instead of reducing on unnecessary public expenditure, our leaders have continued to swim in luxury. We need to be prudent in order to save, invest and reduce the fiscal deficit.

Antonio Mwanza

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