Lungu’s Financiers Bokani and Patel launch their own TV using Costa Mwansa

Lungu’s Financiers Bokani and Patel launch their own TV using Costa Mwansa

Statehouse tenderepreneurs Bokani Soko and his partners Irfan and Zuneid Patel have started their own TV using former Muvi TV general manager Costa Mwana as a front.

Using Mwansa, the three criminals have bought Mobi TV and renamed it to Diamond TV.

Bokani and the two Patel brothers have been funding president Edgar Lungu and have so far bought him real property in Dubai using money from Zambian government contracts. The three have been domination contracts in the oil, agriculture and supply of fire tenders from the time Lungu became president.

In return Bokani Soko, who is gay (details coming) and his partners have been involved in rigging elections for Lungu and bribing judges so that the presidential petition is not heard.

For example, the three are the ones who chose a company to print ballot papers in the middle east despite resistance from the opposition and general public. Not only did they bring in ballots that facilitated rigging but made huge money out of that contract.

They were involved in transporting PF cadres to move from one polling station to others so that they could vote more than once as allowed by law.

After the official announcement of the election results, Edgar Lungu went to rest at a lodge in the Luangwa National Park owned by Irfan and Zunaid.

Irfan and Zunaid then gave $500,000 in cash to Lungu, which was then passed on to another shady character named Farouk Ghumra to act as intermediary with Yousuf Akubat, who apparently changes money on the black market. This money was then delivered to Judges Anne Sitali and Mungeni Mulenga on Tuesday 30th August, then put in the bank accounts of surrogates.

The Judges then assured Edgar Lungu that despite evidence of rigging and malpractice presented in the petition in the Constitutional Court, they will rule in his favour. Irfan and Zunaid were also guaranteed exclusive rights to hunting licenses in return.

Mwansa has taken the role of CEO in the Diamond Channel which has since gone on Go TV Platform where it can be accessed on Channel 99.

But what is the interest of Soko and his partners in the media industry? Does Lungu know of this project or he is part of it? Keep watching this space.

Lungu’s financiers Bokani Soko, Irfan Patel launch own TV using Costa Mwansa

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