Lungu’s friends at Inyatsi stole K47m meant to patch up Mazabuka road

Lungu’s friends at Inyatsi stole K47m meant to patch up Mazabuka road

The Zambian Watchdog has just established that Michelo Shakantu, the crook building mansions for president Edgar Lungu in Swaziland , received K47m tax payers money to patch up the Kafue- Mazabuka road but just filled up a few potholes with sand.

Last year, president Edgar Lungu ordered the Road Development Agency (RDA) to sign a contract with Inyatsi worth over K47 million to patch up the road between Turnpike and Mazabuka as a short term measure.

This was after one of Lungu’s assistants Andrew Chellah described the 70 kilometres as deplorable.

Note that this K47 million was meant to patch up as short term measure and not to properly rehabilitate the road. These thieves! How can you spend K47 m on a 70 km stretch as short term measure?

Lungu then told RDA to give Michelo Shakantu K47 million to patch up the road. It was expected that after the rainy season, Shakantu’s Inyatsi Construction company would get more millions of our money to repair the road. But after receiving our money, Shakantu just moved his construction vehicles and filled a few potholes with sand before parking the vehicles .

The road remains as deplorable as the day Chellah inspected it.

The construction vehicles are still parked on the road side and are only used by Shakantu’s nieces to pose for photos.

Inyatsi Construction Limited Zambia was recently awarded a K701 Million contract by the RDA to rehabilitate the Mufulira – Ndola Road.

Inyatsi, Michelo’s company has also been contracted as the major subcontractor on the world’s most expensive road the Lusaka/ Ndola Dual Carriage Way.

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