Lungu’s handlers, sick jokers?

By Dr Robert Mtonga

Now that an official diagnosis of  the whys and wherefores of  Zambia’s Republican President Edgar Chagwa Lungu’s sudden fall on the dais during the Woman’s Day Celebration match-past on 8th March 2015 has been put down as Achalasia (a narrowing of the Oesophagus) one hopes that all the speculations will now be put to eternal rest.

 Boy, I felt for poor Amos Chanda, the Presidential handler for all things press and public relations. He was given so many scraps of paper, it would seem, with diagnoses that are not even listed in the International Classification of Diseases edition number 10 (ICD10)!

Is it not a thousand pities that the experts dealing with the President’s health, at great expense to the  Zambian Tax payers and donor’s largesse, allowed a likeable and professional guy that Amos  Chanda is, to embarrass our noble profession by “speaking in tongues” medical conditions that have real names and characterisations?

 Every doctor worth his or her salt knows that there is no such a diagnosis as traces of Malaria leave alone high levels of fatigue! May the physicians helping the journalist teach him the correct nomenclature.

For accountability and the public’s sake, would the people familiar with the situation be so kind as to explain to the nation why a condition that was treated, yes treatable at the University Teaching Hospital(UTH) in Lusaka, Zambia  30 odd years ago suddenly needs evacuation to a centre of excellence beyond Zambia’s shores?

Is there not multiplied value in bringing that high technology equipment to Zambia for the benefit of one and all that may need it given that achalasia is not an uncommon condition among the surgical visits to the UTH?


Finally, permit me as a mere nobody, to call upon all men and women of goodwill, especially Christians, to plead with God to undertake for His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu’s health and for a successful resolution of his Achalasia. Let them entreat God to give the attending doctors plenary wisdom beyond the ordinary.

To the heartless, base and lewd fellows among our number currently poking fun. with song and dance, at the situation, may I simply say please STOP IT!

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