Lungu’s hatred for Potipher Tembo forces PF to adopt Sichalwe in Chawama

Lungu’s hatred for Potipher Tembo forces PF to adopt Sichalwe in Chawama

President Edgar Lungu has barred Lusaka Deputy Mayor Potipher Tembo from contesting the vacant Chawama seat because he regards him as someone who was undermining him in the constituency.

Highly placed sources revealed that Potipher Tembo was the leading contender to succeed Lungu in Chawama but Lungu hates the young man and wants to punish him for having been undermining him in Chiwama Constituency.

Lungu has instead settled for a Mr. Sichalwe who is believed to be an active member of Wynter Kabimba’s Rainbow Party together with his girlfriend.

During the Lusaka District elections, Sichalwe openly supported Goodson Banda who lost to Mulenga Sata.

Initially Lungu wanted Mulenga Sata to contest the Chawama seat but Sata refused as he has interest to challenge either Guy Scott in Lusaka Central or Mwansa Kapeya in Mpika Central. Mulenga Sata is actually keeps alive his presidential ambitions and may challenge Lungu next year.

So far Lungu is believed to have promised Tembo the position of the vacant mayoral position that was held by Sata’s son Mulenga Sata who has since been appointed Deputy Minister at State House.

But sources revealed that even the promise to be the Mayor is just a lie for now so that young Potipher does not go as an independent or join other political parties.

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