Lungu’s motorcade in another accident


Edgar Lungu’s motorcade has been involved in another accident, this time in Livingstone.

One of the presidential escort motorbikes has overturned while escorting Lungu. The fate of the police officer is not yet known.

Police were seen picking up the pieces of the motorbike while Lungu was looking on with his window rolled down.

Last week, a police officer on Lungu’s motorcade died in a road accident while in Northern province but Lungu did not even attend his funeral.


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    The real satanist is that one who ordered the killing of Mapenzi and defaecated on the bed

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    Judison Muzyamba 11 months

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    kikikiku 11 months

    That is a sad accident. I wish no evil on anyone. Metal hurts and moving metal hurts even more. The fellow is just a cop, its not like he raped your mother and sister on the same day. He has a job like everyone wants.
    Show a little compassion fellows!
    Easter just passed, OK, I know you Adventists and witnesses don’t celebrate Easter, but hey, what would Judas do?

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    John 11 months

    The laws of physics cannot be broken, they will apply all the time. Friction and inertia are a pair of witches. If you’re on a sandy road and are weaving from side to side, you will fall. Your centre of gravity and motion will get you.
    Next time they should use horses?

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    Musonda 11 months

    This confirms that the Mongu Motorcade Rage was a Set Up. In the Livingstone Case Lungu had Motorbike Riders (Sweepers) but in the Mongu Case there were no Sweepers. The alleged Mongu Presidential Motorcade Obstruction Offence was a Set Up to frame HH for a Treason Charge. The Treason Charge is flawed and the Court will confirm this. However Lungu will re-arrest HH when he declares a State of Emergency and then banish HH to Mukobeko Prison as originally planned. Lungu and his Cabal have decided to crush anybody with opposed views to him. Lungu’s dream is to establish a One Man Party Dictatorship and Rule Zambia forever. In Lungu’s scheme of arrangement the Economy is stupid and what matters for him is to retain the stolen power at all costs.The State of Emergency is being justified on the basis of Arson Attacks which are being perpetrated by PF Thugs well known to the PF Police. Lungu’s ultimate dream is to achieve a One Man Party Dictatorship by killing the Petition and Imprisoning the Petitioners and silence all opposition to his Rule by abusing State Institutions like the Courts,Army and the Police. Zambia is now a failed Police State. The writing is on the Wall.

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      Penelope phiri 11 months

      Dude, it confirms nothing.
      Since Mongu, the police are just more vigorously doing their work. Sometimes, too vigorously! Ku ngazima ngazima.

      Personally, based on the video of the Mongu incident, the UPND motorcade should have yielded. The lights were flashing and sirens blaring, the fellows kept on and kept shouting in defiance. You can hear it clearly, as you can hear the insults. Don’t blame that on ECL and Boma.

      Locking hh’s sorry a$$ up was inevitable. The treason charge is however overkill by my reckoning. It’s like being charged for damage when all you failed to do was not crush bones at your inlaws. Milandu iliko, but milandu ba mu pasa ya chita ova.

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        klose 11 months

        Like being charged with rape when all you did was say she has a nice ass. Or

        Being medical malpractice when you tell a chick that she has the same effect on you as a laxative (makes you feel shitty)

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    FuManchu 11 months

    You have lead sweepers who will swerve side to side at high speed on the road like soulless maniacs with no life or families of their own to care for! Hope life has been spared to stimulate a reset of how this individual thinks! Its tax payers money being wasted here for uncalled for stupidity. Granted it has to do with the presidents safety, intelligence has to do its work!

    Count your blessings one by one, share them around and more good will accrue to you! We are all but passing through knowing where we’re coming from and not that which is ahead and yet to come only at the gates of the final destination will what blinded us be revealed! Ultimately late!

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    Choongo Mulenga 11 months

    This is the problem with the PF policies. PF believes in hiring and giving jobs to cadres and not career people. They believe that policing should be given to party cadres and career cops. They, the PF believe that diplomatic jobs should be given to party cadres. In short they believe that all public jobs should be given to cadres. So what you are seeing is part of the consequences. I learned this information from Nawakwi Edith. I am just surprised why she is not saying anything now about the wrongs of the PF.

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      klinikally hinsane 11 months

      If there were civil service entry exams and aptitude tests and if such tests and exams went with every progressive stage ot would be great. Leakage aside, the civil service would make sense.
      Not lelo, you’re a confirmed street adult, mazo you’re a zpS.
      Ni ya Shani iyo?

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    The Kimbanguist 11 months

    If the rider is still alive, he should be jailed for endangering the life of the King of Tribes Edgar Lungu. How can he fall off his ride on his own without interference? The King would have crashed into his trashed bike. TREASON for this careless cop!

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    Divide & Rule 11 months

    But what was he doing in livingstone, when the organization that invited him for the farmer’s field day is in sinazongwe, was it necessary to spend a night in livingstone, when it’s less than 2 hours flight from lusaka to sinazongwe. Uyu ye mungulu wa mungungulu?

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    Mushota 11 months

    I hope he’s dead.



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    Achikulile 11 months

    This is not time to point fingers at each other. Ones life is lost here. too bad to the family of the demise. It is ambiguous to involve H H who purely not involved in the fatal accident.

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    Chale 11 months

    I been around for 56 years now but never seen presidential escort fatal accidents like this…WhatUp? Am sure it is not Satanism but God’s words written in his book of life are coming to pass. Innocent souls are incarcerated. God is present every where all the time and was present. Especially even when you treat chiefs like that…

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    the bible says he who kills by the sward he shall die by the sward. as long as you are fighting to be in power, or you are in power, the rule of GOD is that you shall die by the sward if you kill by are paying for it and even after leaving the government, upnd will one day pay for any sin committed as well given a chance to be in power and out of request for all Christians lets remember our leaders in politics and pray for them, the power they are fighting for are for this world, no one will go to heaven because he or she died as a president, even if you leave a name that you died as a president that will be for this earth. Let peace rule over the nation of Zambia. GOD never sleeps nor slumbers he watches over his people day and night. aim proud to be a Zambian. GOD bless Zambia, peace.

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    KwaBulozi 11 months

    More bloodshed.

    Who is the real satanist then?

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    B.Y 11 months


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    Venus major 11 months

    Nature is back at them, Punishing them from inside..wait and watch…like the dog

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    pf cadres posing as police 👮 officers.

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    Ba sopo. These are ill omens towards wrong things on people without cause. Bigger things are yet to come their way. Just wait and see.

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    Kawa kawunda 11 months

    That’s too bad but we need real prayers not prayers of Brown envelopes