Lungu’s pardoning Kambwili illegal


The Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) says according to section blah blah blah, former president Edgar Lungu is in order to pardon murderers, rapists, forgers and other criminals even if he was voted out.

Accord to LAZ, Lungu is only prevented from dissolving parliament and making appointments.

We think the statement from LAZ lacks insight, is narrow and misleading.

LAZ mentioned in passing that in exercising such power, a prisoner being released should not have an appeal pending.

But Lungupardoned Chishimba Kambwili despite his ongoing appeal case in the forgery case. Has Lungu committed an criminal offence? Clearly Kambwili is not eligible for pardoning.

LAZ itself said Lungu did not act alone but received recommendation from the advisory committee. So this advisory committee does not understand the law? And Lungu himself is a lawyer right?
We feel that even if Lungu, technically, has powers to pardon criminals, when it is done to favour friends in jail , if is illegal because this is what is referred to as abuse of power. It is a criminal offence.
A closer look at the least of murderers and other criminals shows that most have personal connections to Lungu.

We are shocked that LAZ can endorse this.
Besides LAZ knows or ought to know that apart from the bare power they are mentioning which they say Lungu has, there are conditions that a prisoner might meet before being considered for pardon. One such condition is that the criminal should have served a certain percentage of his jail term. For those on death roll, they have their own conditions.

We challenge LAZ to withdraw this statements and issue a more reasoned one before people start thinking that LAZ is also another waste of space.

We believe that an irregular executive order can be reversed by another executive order.

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