Lungu’s PF elevates Mbala chief to level of Chitimukulu

In desperation and in order to fight Chitimukulu, Edgar Lungu’s PF has elevated chief Nsokolo to a paramount chief.
Nsokolo is the chief of the Mambwe people in Mbala District.
In exchange, Chief Nsokolo has mobilized other chiefs to endorse Lungu as best presidential candidate.
Lungu promised to gazette chief Nsokolo as paramount chief if he is elected president on January 20, 2015.

This means that chief Nsokolo will now be at par with Chitimukulu, Mpezeni, Mwata Kazembe and Undi, as these are the only four paramount chiefs in Zambia while the Litunga of western province is a King.

Lungu’s team is having problems with the Chitimuluku and is now looking at an alternative traditional leader to equate with Chitmukulu.

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