Lungu’s PF thugs were determined to block UPND rally

Outgoing President and dictator Edgar Lungu’s violent PF militia was prepared to launch a violent attack on the cancelled UPND rally which was scheduled to be held in Chawama today (Friday)
Police sources at the site for the cancelled rally told the Zambian Watchdog that the PF did not want the rally to be held in Chawama and were ready to use force in disrupting the meeting.
‘We had no problem as police over the rally but the PF forced us to block it and threatened to use force if we allow the UPND to hold their rally,’ said one Police offer.
PF thugs were seen marching from John Howard past Chawama Police and back as the police deployed at Chawama Police just watched as the cadres marched.
The PF thugs had also mobilised in town in readiness to head to Chawama but the police directed their force on UPND cadres and clashed with several of them at Down Town Shopping mall around Kamwala area.
The police also used live amunition on UPND cadres who were heading to Chawama and followed them at the UPND secretariate and arrested some of the them including one journalist.
And some Chawama residents have expressed disappointment with the PF government over the cancellation of the rally.
‘Why should the opposition be stopped from campaigning in Chawama just because this is where President Lungu comes from, this is not right,’ complained one woman.
Another woman said President Lungu will not stop them from voting for their preferred candidate on 11th August.
‘Is he (Lungu) going to use the police to monitor who we vote for on that day? A young lady asked.
By 15 hours heavily armed para-military police officers were still patrolling around Chawama.

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