Lungu’s plan to shame HH backfires


Mr Lungu has just embarrassed himself by saying HH should have renovated the School in Bweengwa. Lets start by saying that HH is a big tax payer in this country. His businesses together with his employees pay a lot of tax to Lungu’s government. But what does Lungu do with HH money? He misuses it by paying cadres to insult the very source of their money,he bribes certain pastors and journalists to discredit every good thing HH has done. He buys guns and pangas to cause havoc,mayhem and violence up to the run up of the elections. Meanwhile university students are not paid what’s due to them and civil servants’ salaries are always late.  In other countries,businessmen who are major contributors of money to the treasury are supported and celebrated by the government. Look at Aliko Dangote,the richest man in Africa,the Nigerian government has supported his businesses because they know that the more he prospers,is the more he pays tax and employs a lot of its people which leads to more money in the treasury and a lot of saving and public spending.
As HH is a local businessman,all his money is in Zambian banks and what the PF don’t know is that its the same money  they borrow from local banks and use it for haphazard infrastructure development,corruption  and abuse it. Now isn’t this asking too much from a person who is an “A Grade” tax payer,to also renovate a school when its their duty? These people need a rest as they don’t know their responsibilities.

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