Lungu’s programs postponed, whereabouts unknown

Yet to be verified reports indicate that President Edgar Lungu could have secretly flown to Israel or France for medication.

Meanwhile, Lungu’s scheduled programmes in Zambia have been postponed to some unknown date in the future.

Government spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili announced last week in parliament that Lungu would officially launch the Digital migration this weekend.

But Zambia News and information Services (ZANIS), the official government propaganda agency has announced that the lunch has been postponed indefinitely.

“Esteemed clients, take notice that the official launch of the Digital Migration that was scheduled to take place tomorrow at Massmedia at 10 hours has been rescheduled to a later date to be announced. Take this as an official notification, ‘ read the notice by ZANIS.

The last time the country was told about Lungu was last Monday when he went into theatre.

According to his spokesperson Amos Chanda, Lungu has started his medical ‘review’ in South Africa after attending the 25th Africa Union (AU) summit.

Chanda could not disclose the hospital where Lungu is being treated from claiming that the arrangement is under the ‘courtesy’ of the South African government and it does not want to draw public attention. But how can the hospitalisation of a president not attract public attention? And why is the South Africa government in charge of treating a Zambian president? What are the security implications? What if they inject him with poison instead of proper medicine?

A few weeks after being elected president, Lungu collapsed in public and the country was told he had swallowing problems.

But the Watchdog traced his medical record.

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