Lungu’s prophet says ‘no 2021 for you’

*Nigerian Prophet Joshua Ignla advises Lungu to concentrate on 2016-2021*

“I don’t see President Edgar Lungu beyond 2021, he has been given a mandate now, he should work with that mandate” Joshua Ignla.

Prophet Joshua Ignla is also a personal friend of Zambia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Harry Kalaba.

“Remember that founding fathers of Zambia have led the country on scriptural principles
Honour these principles very much.”

“I am saying it to the great man, His Excellency President Edgar Lungu, I have sat with him”

“There a lot of Judas Iscariot around you, they only want you to fail.”

“Those that are praising you they will criticise you tommorrow.”

“Those who are singing hossana to you today, they will scream crucify him tomorrow”

“Don’t let them push you for another term for you, for another 2021”

“Deliver what you have now, and walk out with glory. I don’t see another term for you”

Ignla has in the past, also prophesied that it was in Opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema destiny to be president of Zambia one day.


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    Happy Katiba 6 months

    If you are a true believer you can not behave like that.May God deliver you and show you the right path to trod.Let God open your eyes so that you can see and open your ears so that you can hear.You are a dead man though your physical body is active but the spirit that communicates with God is dead in you.God is aware of everything, what can you tell God that he is not aware of? He is the author and finisher of life.He created both heaven and earth and the earth is his footstep and he is aware of every leadership everywhere in the world and he does not need anyone’s approval to allow all these things happening on earth because he already know.Go and read the bible once more and ask for Gods forgiveness that he may show you new things.

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      Avenging Angel 6 months

      Unfortunately for you, you are the brain washed type of person. You are the ones that take the lords name in vain and abuse God on a daily basis. Just because there is a crowd of you people does not make your correct or righteous.

      God has never ever changed, nor does He have the need to. Bunkum like you keep shoving God into boxes and giving him 99 jobs so that you can be master over Him.

      The system that God established is found in Genesis. He never remixed it, never changed it, never wrote and second edition revised for special people.

      When all mans interference ceases, Gods system still stands. The heavens, the earth, gravity, seeds, harvest, procreation, movement of water and air, heat and cold. those are Gods system. You people create systems kingdoms, countries, regions and all that. God does not know those things. He knows that you are his and his alone. He gave you dominion over all things, the ability to choose your personal sub-system of management.

      Now you start claiming that God put Edgar in office, or removed RB, or killed Sata, or scored the goals that Zambia won by. That is you playing God like a joker. Like aka red-na ka black. You guys are very wrong.

      Your Pastors tell you that they are anointed by God. You bunkum even go so far as to blaspheme and say “touch not the anointed”. Anointed by who?

      The last anointing that I saw and was in the book of acts (correct me if I’m wrong). You buggers started anointing each other and claiming that you are God to anoint one another.

      Bloody charlatans and hypocrites. Evil men and women that try to pimp God and use his name in vain.

      The greatest gift from God is not in the bank, or registered with lands or rtsa. It is the free gift of salvation. You chaps want to make yourselves intermediaries again, when the shroud was torn from top to bottom. You want to be gate keepers for heaven. You are evil men and women.

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        Avenging Angel 6 months

        and before you start cherry picking scripture, please do the following

        1. Pick the book, chapter and verse

        2. Explain to whom the book was written and in what circumstances (especially the epistles)

        3. Relate what you are saying over all (quote the Chapter/ verses before and after)

        4. The give us your interpretation and why you think it is appropriate given the above (no. 2) to use today.

        This cherry-picking of Gods word is like me getting the constitution of Zambia and reading “shall be liable for a prison sentence not exceeding 5 years” then applying that on a two year old child that has soiled themselves.

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    You do not need to be a money-making Nigerian prophet to know that ECL has little or no chance to stand again. Just read the amended constitution and it tells anyone who has appeared twice on the presidential ballot paper cannot stand again. That is why I have said CK should have bid his time in PF rather than start a fight that minimizes his chances of standing on PF ticket. PF is the party in government and would have had the advantages that go with being in government to try and win the party and republican presidency. Of course, ECL will try Mutati once the constitutional court rules he cannot be eligible in 2021. That is coming. Watch this space.

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    Gwaza 6 months

    This is common sense…. what rubbish is this?? who does not know that Lungu will not go beyond 2021? only a fool does that….

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    Chibesa 6 months

    It’s common sense not prophecy!

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    Prophet Patrick 6 months

    Well said my Papa Joshua Ignila

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    Avenging Angel 6 months

    Only a certified idiot and fool would take anything that some “Holy dick” or “holy bitch” or other religious person pimping Jesus Christ like a cheap compound whore.

    Has any of you seen Jesus’s NRC or voters card? I bet not. Any ass wipe that says that Jesus is involved in party politics is just the same as saying that Jesus had incestious sex with Holy Mary. Jesus has no favourites. Not in sport, not in politics or any other sphere of human endeavour. Jesus is not involved in your job, work, promotion, sales, debt, or credit. THat’s all on you my niggers.

    Jesus is involved in your souls salvation and that’s all. Nothing else matters to him. Anyone that bullshits anything else is just a fucking con dick or con bitch. Saying that Jesus is involved in your body’s health or welfare is crap, and you know it. If you follow his tenets and ways then your life will be less stressful and more joyful. That does not mean that Jesus is involved in your next meal, the chick that you’ll fuck or dick that will fuck you, is sooooooo wrong on your part. This is why we should only thank Jesus for the salvation he has given us, nothing else. Nowhere in the Holy Bible does it say that He came to save our bank balances or our bodies or political/social careers.

    All of you out there that think that some fuckin Nigerian with a wobbly English accent will spray saladi on your head and exorcise your own stupidity and ignorance needs a real whipping. All of you that spend your time screaming to heaven for signs and miracles need to be placed in a padded room for your own safety.

    I bet that if a Nigerian or American pastor told you that by sodomising a goat on Christmas eve will give you will get blessings of cash and more assets, a whole lot of you would shag a herd of goats all through the Christmas week.

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      Mpandamano 6 months

      My friend, I find your outburst uncalled for. Learn to be civil in your utterances, I would have used the word humble, but I know you are in another kingdom where humility is foreign. Be careful with your anger lest it consumes you and touch not the anointed of God. If you don’t understand spiritual things don’t comment or vilify those who profess so. If you knew the Bible you would not have written what you did because every authority and power comes from God Romans 13:1 its in the Bible read it for your self. So don’t think that God is not involved in earthly leadership compare Psalm 75:6,7. There many scriptures to cite as proof of God’s involvement in human governance. Even Pharaoh in Egypt was raised so that God can show His majesty and Glory read its in the Bible. Before you insult others learn to investigate or research. This is friendly advice.

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        Avenging Angel 6 months

        Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God.

        When people bastardise the Bible for personal use it is disgusting. This statement states that all power is “of” God. Did God establish USA, UK, or Germany or were these countries established by men?

        Did God establish the slavery of Africans hundreds of years ago or was this established by men? If This context of power that Europeans and American wielded in enslaving black Africans, raping their women, tearing families apart, cutting pregnant womens bellies open and watching the baby fall to the ground then stomping on the child to instill fear in enslaved black men. Was that God?

        Was it God that established Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Bokassa, Hitler or other despots, tyrants and goddamned evil fellows?

        Come off it. You and I know what that sentence means and how it was re-written and bastardised to suit evil men?

        Was Herod appointed by God, was Judas.

        When the New American Standard Bible says

        “Every person is to be in subjection to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those which exist are established by God.”

        are you reading what you want to read or what really is written and meant.

        Are you trying to tell the masses that the word says that God establishes all authorities (even the evil ones)?

        What I read is that God is the only authority and anyone that claims authority without God saying so is blaspheming, clowning God and a fraudster.

        Are you telling me that because someone usurps power, they are legitimate? That is a trully reverse way of thinking of things and that is how politicians play around with peoples minds. They tell people that because they made it into office, God must have been on their side and wanted them. Is that what the fuck you are telling me and the whole universe???????

        Your second verse talks about promotion being from God.

        1. This is old testament stuff so I wonder why you’re cherry picking the Bible, my guy?
        2. Gods promotion only happens in Gods hierarchy not mans. God Did not promote Pharos, Hitler or Edgar Lungu. These men worked in their own and mans system.

        So my statement still stands.

        Stop fucking with people and mind fucking people into thinking that man’s system is Gods system. Zambia was carved out in London, not in heaven. If Zambia was created in heaven then why would we dedicate what is already Gods back to God. Don’t you think that that’s counter intuitive and bloody stupid.

        Avenging Angel out!!!

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        Avenging Angel 6 months

        To draw a simple analogy

        Supposing God was FIFA and created football and all the rules of the beautiful game and the delimitations of the confederations and the sizes of the pitches and numbers of players and such like.

        What you are saying is that Sepp Blatter (a man-elected person) was ordained by God and therefore had no need for re-election to office. After all his appointment is by God.

        What you are further saying is that when Qatar won the bid to host the world cup, God was responsible for that. Even though we all know that they bribed Kalu and others to vote for Qatar to be selected.

        What you are further saying is that when Zambia whipped Italy in 1988 by 4 – 0, it was God that ordained it.

        Are you also saying that God killed the Zambian national team in 1992?

        Was Maradona’s infamous “hand of God” goal against England was actually an act of God?

        Was Fashion Sakalas sending off God too?

        Do you see the stupidity of your argument.

        The system that God established is clearly stated in Genesis. That is the only system that God put into creation. Air, Land, water, Man, Dominion, Eve and that pesky devil. That is his system and that has never changed. The talking to Elisha and Selection of the Kings, that was all God. Because he said so.

        Now you niggers are trying to make God the one that did the freedom statue and Kariba dam.You guys are some crazy ,misguided motherfuckers!

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    Jimmy shaba 6 months

    Fake prophet