Lungu’s regime scores by advertising release of civil servants salaries

The bankrupt PF government has advertised the release of the delayed September salaries for poor civil servants in the country.

Without even explaining or at least admitting all the money has been take into by-elections, Ministry of Finance Spokesperson Chileshe Kandeta announced an unprecedented Edgar Lungu achievement of releasing government salaries for this month amounting to K576.6 million.

Kandeta said to ensure that salaries are efficiently paid before the end of every month, all civil servants are on the Direct-Debit and Credit Clearing [DDAC] System.

“In this regard, it is expected that the released funds will be credited to the accounts of workers within 24 hours, in accordance with the service level agreements signed with various commercial banks and in the spirit of the enhanced cash and treasury management reforms which the government is undertaking”, he said.

Lately, civil servants salaries have been delayed due to the bankrupt PF regime running a huge budget deficit but Lungu had no issues increasing the number of government ministries last week for Rupiah Banda’s boys and girls despite lacking capacity to pay workers.

“It is not the intention of government to snap the patience of workers in paying salaries in a timely manner. In line with government’s commitment to the plight of workers, the treasury will endeavor to pay salaries timely and before the end of every single month. We have so far done it successfully and will continue to apply this best practice”, Kandeta said.

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