Lungu’s residential address will soon be prison – Ngoma

President Lungu should start modernising prisons because that will soon be his place of residence, says UPND national management committee member Levy Ngoma.

And  Ngoma says no matter how much the Patriotic Front (PF) campaign under the veil of Covid-19, Zambians have made up their minds to kick them out of government next year.

Ngoma who is also United Party for National Development (UPND) chairperson for Agriculture, Livestock and Food Security told Daily Revelation that no government that had performed so poorly in all facets of national life than the PF.

He said it was unacceptable to subject Zambians to a leadership that has less regard for their wellbeing.

Ngoma expressed concern at the statement attributed to that President Lungu where he told chiefs in Southern Province that Bill 10 would provide sufficient time for opposition to petition next year’s elections.

“I want to point out that Bill 10 is not about the petition period. Is that a conformation that as far as they are concerned, the Patriotic Front have already won these elections,” he wondered. “He(President Lungu) is just dreaming. ‘Kulota si tikana, koma kalotedwe’, (You can dream, but how you dream matters).  In the first place, it is laughable because, all the indicators show that the PF is the most hated and worst performing government in the history of this country.”

He said there was no way Zambians would vote for PF and President Lungu after all the sufferings and poverty they had been subjected for almost half a decade.

“(Dr Kenneth) Kaunda did far much better, (Frederick) Chiluba did far much better, (Levy) Mwanawasa did far much better, Rupiah Banda did far much better, but Edgar Lungu has been the worst. So even the voters are going to vote based on performance,” he supposed.

Ngoma said since PF had exhausted all their political antics to convince Zambians to vote for them next year, they only way out was to use Bill 10 as a last resort.”

“The PF tried to play the tribal card, it failed; they tried to play the spiritual card, calling us all sorts of names, it failed; they tried to play the reginal card, it failed. So, now the only stroll they want to hold on is the issue of Bill 10.  It is also laughable that this is coming from a person (President Lungu) who, as far as the current constitution is concerned does not qualify. He is trying by all means to use Bill 10 so that he can find his way onto the ballot,” Ngoma explained. “Even if he finds himself on the ballot, he’s gona lose terribly. Bill 10 has got nothing to do with them thinking that the opposition have already lost. Who has counted the votes? So, to the chiefs, I want to assure them that Bill 10 is not about that. Bill 10 is about dividing this country; Bill 10 is about this regime wanting to hold on power through crookedness.”

He said instead of selling the evil intentions associated with Bill 10, it was imperative for the Head of State to consider modernising prisons across the country, for it was highly plausible that prisons would soon become place of residence for him and his close associates.

“They can continue dreaming, but as far as Zambians are concerned, they don’t want Bill 10 and President Lungu should start modernising prisons, because, I can tell you for a fact that most of these people in Patriotic Front, when they lose next year, their residences will be prisons. They have stolen huge, colossal sums of money. Some of them have been indicted and are appearing before courts. There are a lot of criminalities that have happened: the issues of fire tenders, ambulances, fertilizers etc. They have been abusing their authorities and punishing the opposition and the like. The sins they have committed against Zambians are too numerous to itemise,” he noted. “So, what I can advise him is instead of talking about Bill 10, let him modernise those prisons because those will be their places of residence.”

Ngoma also noted that despite the current volatile political environment being experienced at the hands of the PF who for some time have been hiding under the veil of Covid-19 to campaign, thereby disadvantaging the opposition to mobilise, the situation remained the same that the people of Zambia want change next year.

“As we speak now PF is a rejected organisation across the country…People are saying if they had the power and ability to draw 2021 today, they would have done so a long time ago. The issue of 2021 as far as the election calendar is concerned is in the hands of God. The Zambian people are fade up with PF. If he (President Lungu) goes to campaign….in fact it is just irritating, people right now have come of age; they are able to know whether a politician is giving falsehood, they are able to read between the lines now,” observed Ngoma. “That’s why you find that even the youths who were reluctant at some point, are now saying we need to reclaim our country. This never used to happen. The clergy, who used to sing praises of Edgar Lungu are not any more. The labour movement, including senior citizens who had retired a long time ago are seeing the ills of the PF. All these are clear indicators that people are angry with him.”

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